Aidan's Tiny Website

I went to the effort of creating a Neocities account, so I've kept this page around. My main website can be found here. This was an increasingly out-of-date version of the same site, so I wanted it to have its own identity.

I am also aware that due to Neocities essentially being a social network, this page is likely to receive far more views over time, so I definitely don't want an old version of my main site to be the most popular.

Since I have my main site, this one is free to be small and fun. I've already spent countless hours pouring my heart and soul into a buggy mess of a static site generator. Everything on here is just going to be hard-coded HTML and CSS.

Tech Stack

Here is some software I use, to allow you to profile me.

Neocities Conformance 🐑

Neocities is a throw-back to Geocities, so I thought I'd comply with the aesthetic more by using the dreaded Matrix CSS:

body {
	/* font-family: mono; */
	background-color: black;
	color: #00FF41;

In the end I just hate font-family:mono; too much, and have switched to a sensible font instead.

Web Pins

Check out some web pins for sites I like.